HillVets are bipartisan Veterans focused on empowerment of themselves and their fellow Veterans through networking, community activism, and education

HillVets do not focus on what they cannot do, they do not focus on disability, they focus on what they will do, and what they need to get there.

HillVets focuses on empowering DC area Veterans who work in government and business. With a declining number of Veterans serving in congress, the White House, and other business ventures, HillVets strives to become the tight knit incubator to assist our fellow Veterans in working toward their goals through Networking, Education, and Giving back.
Continued service to our nation and communities has been a tenant of every generation of Veteran in our country’s history. HillVets looks for unique, interesting, and thoughtful opportunities to make a positive difference; family and friends are of course always invited.
Educational opportunities abound in the DC area. HillVets looks to provide positive bridging opportunities by putting Veterans that have made the jump in contact with those that have just started their journey. We also hope to identify and partner with academic institutions and private entities that can further empower Veterans.

Networking as Empowerment

HillVets is the central networking hub for Veterans in the DC area who are striving towards, or have achieved, greatness in the greater DC area and work in the areas of government or business. We will also strive to create unique opportunities for HillVets with successful and interesting individuals; IE people who are in the know and preferably are Veterans themselves.

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What Veterans are Saying

HillVets embodies our community’s commitment to continued service and serves as a forum to unite veterans across the political spectrum
Anthony Allman, Co-Founder, POS REP
Finally, a place in DC where I feel like I can really be part of something.
Mandy Martin, Army Vet: A Co. 5/159 Avn Rgt. Balad, Iraq 03-04