Having confirmed only 98 Veterans working as staff on Capitol Hill, HillVets has combined their efforts with Tom Manatos Jobs to double the number of veterans working on Capitol Hill by the end of calendar year 2015.

The low number of veterans employed by our Nation’s lawmakers came as a surprise to the HillVets team, who has been working to empower Veterans in the DC region through Networking, Education, and Community Activism.

  • HillVets reached out to 535 offices via email and/or direct visits
  • 291 offices responded to our inquiry of veterans in their office, or 55%,
  • HillVets has confirmed 98 veterans are working on Capitol Hill.
  • Extrapolating a similar proportion of veteran hires to the non-responsive offices we projected that no more than 178 veterans are working in personal offices on Capitol Hill.
  • As of 2012 CRS projects that 6,060 Member Staff work on the hill; 3,660 in the House, 2,400 in the Senate

In response, the HillVets team has outlined a strategy to work beside lawmakers and staff to increase awareness while also providing veterans interested in working in policy with tangible resources. “You can teach a veteran how to write a memo, learn the issues, and work with constituents; you cannot teach your aide the experience of combat,” said Abigail Gage, US Army (Veteran) (Captain), Director of Membership Outreach.

Tom Manatos Jobs is excited to be a part of the solution. As one of the top job lists on Capitol Hill and in Washington, D.C., Tom Manatos Jobs provided an obvious partnership for HillVets to connect our Nation’s veterans with open positions on Capitol Hill and in the political arena.

“It is astonishing how few veterans work on Capitol Hill and in politics. We believe it is because of the barriers of entry to those types of jobs. It is our honor at Tom Manatos Jobs to help veterans break down those barriers so they are able to work alongside our nation’s lawmakers.”

Learn more about Tom Manatos Jobs at: http://www.tommanatosjobs.com

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