Transition is hard; you can help make it easier for the next Veteran.

At HillVets we wanted to put together a system that would allow for us to group around Veterans seeking employment in our realm and do what we can to help.

As such, we have put together HillVets Net. No, we are not trying to compete with Facebook; though if you want to create subgroups, etc, feel free to :) Our goals are very clear in that we want to use HillVets Net to help facilitate the coalescing of Veterans around other Vets to help them maintain upward mobility. We are working through the kinks of the process but essentially there are three primary outcomes we hope to achieve through this process for the Veteran.

  • A stronger resume
  • Increased interviewing skills
  • A vast network that leads to closer connections to offices with availability.

We plan to achieve this through the following action plan.

  1. We ask that you register for HillVets Net, you can also login with facebook, at
  2. Please join two groups
    1. The Group that best represents your current employment situation.
    2. The Group that represents your current or previous military service.
  3. As we receive Veterans looking for assistance we will create a private group for the Veteran; the title will not display the Veterans personal information. You will receive invites asking you to join this Veterans Group based on your current employment situation and similar military service to assist him/her in an advisory role.
  4. Once you are in the Veterans private group we ask that you maintain their confidentiality as their adviser.
  5. Consistent with the outcomes above four actions will occur:
    1. The Veteran will post their resume. We ask that advisers review the resume and email it back to them with comments and suggestions. A second draft may be posted if the Veteran chooses.
    2. A panel interview will be scheduled for the Veteran in which advisers are encouraged to attend.
    3. The advisers provide intel on any, “any” open positions that they may be aware of.
    4. The Veteran updates the panel on all positions that they have applied for and on all interviews and follow-up that they have been offered.


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HillVets embodies our community’s commitment to continued service and serves as a forum to unite veterans across the political spectrum
Anthony Allman, Co-Founder, POS REP
Finally, a place in DC where I feel like I can really be part of something.
Mandy Martin, Army Vet: A Co. 5/159 Avn Rgt. Balad, Iraq 03-04